A Mentoring Continuum with Participants Working on Live Patients.


Incorporate Implant Dentistry Successfully In Your Practice.


At the Engel Institute we give you the KNOWLEDGE needed to incorporate implants into your practice. This is accomplished by taking you through every aspect, from TREATMENT PLANNING to FINAL RESTORATION. You will leave with the CONFIDENCE needed to START PLACING IMPLANTS IMMEDIATELY. This is because EVERY ATTENDEE places an implant in a LIVE PATIENT!

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News & Events:

The Engel Institute is now accepting resumes for interns, associates and key staff members to join this progressive team.

The incredible new Engel Institute Dental Center, located in Charlotte, NC, will be the first of its kind in the United States offering education through a “real life” dental practice setting. Please forward your resume to silioi@engelinstitute.com c/o Sorina Ilioi. 





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