Mentoring 2

Intermediate Extraction and Grafting

Three-Day Course

24 CEU’s


  • Implant Placement Considerations to Minimize Recession
  • Introduction to Implant Case Selection Procedures and Protocols
  • Flap Design Considerations, Anatomical Landmarks, Incision Design, and Primary Closure
  • Suturing Materials, Needles, and Techniques
  • Gingival Anatomy, Histology, and Blood Supply
  • Immediate Guided Implant Placement
  • Case Selection, Preparation of Recipient Bed, Graft Harvesting/Suturing, and Post-Op Care
  • Connective Tissue and Autogenous Gingival Grafting
  • Implant Complications, Identification, Strategizing Diagnosis, and Treatment
  • Surgical Complications, Pain Management, Post-Operative Care, Anesthesia, and Exodontia

Course Description


Mentoring 2 (M2) is our most popular course and is focused on bone grafting, membrane placement, extraction techniques, immediate guided implant placement, tissue management, and more. Mentoring I (M1) is not a prerequisite for Mentoring II (M2); however, it will pick up from where M1 leaves off. Participants of M2 will learn how to properly graft, place membrane, place an immediate implant in an extraction site, and surgically restore defected areas along with advanced technology in assisting with elevating the sinus.


This course will advance your knowledge of the complexities of soft tissue and bone grafting and getting sites ready for implant placement. The grafting portion of M2 provides attending doctors with the knowledge of indicating types of bone, membrane placement, and surgical techniques to achieve adequate width and adequate keratinized tissue for implant placement. The hands-on workshops focus on extractions, tissue management, suturing techniques, and guided surgical protocols. You will learn how to use the different types of grafting materials that can be used in many procedures daily in your practice.

Live Surgery

The course concludes with live surgery being performed by each attending doctor on a live patient.  In the surgeries, doctors will be utilizing the many techniques taught in the classroom and will have the opportunity to see first-hand how simple changes in technique can lead to optimal aesthetic results.  The surgeries will include extractions, grafting, membrane placement, guided implant placement, and suturing.  All surgeries will take place with the guidance and direct supervision of Dr. Engel or of a faculty mentor of the Engel Institute.



Team members are welcome to attend: $499.00 for the first staff member, $399.00 for any additional team members. Monthly payments are available upon request. Please see the Register page for additional details.

Tuition includes all lecture materials, including full course slides, all necessary hands-on materials, surgical supplies, surgical inventory, meals (light breakfast and lunch), and a social gathering on the evening of day one. All patients are provided and post-op cared for by Dr. Todd Engel.