Mentoring 4

Full Arch Conversion

Four-Day Course

36 CEU’s


  • Development of PMMA Lab-Processed Fixed Immediate Temporary
  • Complimentary Designs to Ensure Long-Term Functional Success
  • Effective Communication and Presentation of Larger Cases to Potential Patients
  • Extraction Techniques for Immediate Implant Placement and a Loaded Full-Arch Prosthesis
  • Dental Laboratory Needs and How to Work Collaboratively and Successfully With Your Lab
  • Ideal Implant Platform and Abutment Selection
  • Restorative Options and Materials Used for Single-Arch and Opposing Dual-Arch Cases
  • Surgical and Prosthetic Components Required to Complete the Case
  • Prosthetic and Surgical Requirements for Any Given Case
  • Patient Information/Data Required Prior to Executing Surgery
  • Surgical Advantages to Ensure Primary Initial Stability for Immediate Load Success

Course Description


Mentoring 4 (M4) is an All-on-X program with live full-arch guided surgery for all attending doctors. All 12 participants will perform full-arch surgery on a partially to fully edentulous patient and each patient will leave the institute with either a PMMA or a denture that has been converted chairside during the course. This is advanced implant surgery that focuses on surgical and prosthetic considerations that allow clinicians to design and execute a predictable and immediate smile for their patients.  M4 will elevate your skill set to confidently incorporate full-arch treatment into your practice and add a life-changing experience for your patients.  

Prerequisite for M4: Must have placed a minimum of 20 implants and have restored a full arch with either a fixed or removable prosthesis.


M4 is a four-day course that will provide you with an understanding of how to successfully execute a full-arch surgery and deliver an immediate provisional the same day. Day One includes lecture, case review and surgical protocols.  Days Two through Four are surgical days. There will be two arches scheduled each day with doctors rotating through the surgeries at different stages. Doctors are encouraged to assist and/or observe for all stages of all surgeries to which they are assigned.

Live Surgery

Each morning of the surgical days, there will be two full-arch surgeries taking place simultaneously.  Participants will work in two groups and each team will further be paired and assigned to a stage of their surgery.  Each day, the teams will change and the pairs will change allowing for each participant to fully complete all stages of a full-arch surgery by the end of the course.  All participants will be delivering an immediate provisional restoration and our lab technicians will be assisting in the operatories to facilitate immediate, chairside conversions. 



Team members are welcome to attend: $750.00 for the first staff member, $500.00 for any additional team members, and $2,500 for each laboratory technician. Monthly payments are available upon request. Please see the Register page for additional details.

Tuition includes all lecture materials, including full course slides, all necessary hands-on materials, surgical supplies, surgical inventory, meals (light breakfast and lunch), and a social gathering on the evening of day one. All patients are provided and post-op cared for by Dr. Todd Engel.