Mentoring 3

Advanced Guided Surgery

Four-Day Course

32 CEU’s


  • Guide Protocols and Printing
  • Osseo integration Strategies and Biologic Principals
  • Software Implementations and Design Flow
  • Cone Beam Interpretation and Planning Needs
  • Basic and Surgically-Related Anatomical Fundamentals
  • Bone Grafting With Guided Implant Placement
  • Soft Tissue Management for Achieving Optimal Aesthetic Outcomes

Course Description


One of the largest areas lacking in the GP market is the knowledge on how to properly plan treatments for full-mouth cases, from both a surgical and prosthetic perspective. This course is about learning how to sit down chairside with your patients and be able to offer a service that can be

Not only will you learn how to convert an existing denture into a snap-retained or screw-retained prosthesis, but you will learn how to present these life-altering treatment options to your patients.

Prerequisite for M3: Must have placed a minimum of 20 implants.


The planning and knowledge of how to make implant placement more efficient and predictable for our patients is priceless. Mentoring III (M3) teaches guided surgery, from how to properly plan for large restorative cases to fully edentulous patients.

Surgeries discussed and practiced will range from multiple single implants and implant-supported dentures to hybrids and full-arch bridges. The course will detail the sequence on how to restore these cases, from impression techniques to ideal materials and final processing. Also discussed will be vertical clearance, scanning appliances, CBCT interpretation, and fabrication of the surgical guide.

Hands-On Workshop and Live Surgery

The hands-on workshop will include surgical 3D planning on computers and placing surgical guides on models. Each participant will practice denture conversion steps and processes before the live patient surgery. On the final day of the course, with the guidance of a supervising mentor, each attending doctor will place five to eight surgically guided implants on both tooth-borne and edentulous patients.

This course is only held at our home office location in Charlotte, NC.



Team members are welcome to attend: $499.00 for the first staff member, $399.00 for any additional team members. Monthly payments are available upon request. Please see the Register page for additional details.

Tuition includes all lecture materials, including full course slides, all necessary hands-on materials, surgical supplies, surgical inventory, meals (light breakfast and lunch), and a social gathering on the evening of day one. All patients are provided and post-op cared for by Dr. Todd Engel.