Mentoring 1

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“One of the best all-time courses I have ever attended.”

“Great course – immense knowledge gained!  Can’t wait to start placing!”

“My 4th basic level implant placement course. Superior to all the others.  Awesome mentor!”

“I love this course!  Thank you for such a great learning environment and experience!”

Amazing course!  Thank you for instilling the knowledge and confidence in us to be able to enhance our clinical abilities.”

Mentoring 2

Check What Our Participants Say


“Dr. Engel is a rare combination of humility, passion and skill.  I cannot say enough great things about the Engel Institute.”

“Great job!  Everyone should take this course before placing implants.”

“Amazing program, feel like I could take over the world.  Dr. Engel takes a complex subject matter and makes it feel elementary by the end of the weekend.”

“This was an amazing course!  I feel very confident in placing single implants with the knowledge and experience gained from the course.  Dr. Engel is an excellent teacher!”

“My favorite series. Incredible class.”

“Excellent content and training.”


Mentoring 3

Check What Our Participants Say


“I have been through several other continuums and this has been the best experience of any of them.  Can’t wait for M4.”

“Best courses ever – M1, M2, and M3.  Anxious for M4!”

“Dr. Engel is the best teacher.”

“I really appreciate this course and including the technicians.  It is rare to be able to have that experience and see all these surgeries up close.  Also, being able to talk to your technicians and learn from your lab is incredibly helpful. Thank you.”

Mentoring 4

Check What Our Participants Say


“Coming through M1-M4 has given me the confidence to perform almost any implant surgery in my practice. Thank you!”

“The best CE hands-on class. Dr. Engel is an amazing lecturer. His staff is top-notch. I feel confident to go back Monday and apply my new skills.”

“Best investment M1 through M4. Appreciate everyone’s hard work. This was not an easy course, but so well worth it! Thank you!”

“Once again, this weekend exceeded my expectations! I’m looking forward to using my knowledge from this course right away!! Thank you all!!”

“Fabulous course – very valuable learning/info to take back to the dental practice. Fun learning environment – great people and instructors.”

“I have been through a ton of CE in my career and never met someone as giving and passionate as Dr. Engel. Amazing atmosphere and amazing continuing education.”

“Amazing experience as always!”

The below comment was received via e-mail 3 days after M4…….
“I appreciate you all.  I just finished extractions, putting in 4 implants for an overdenture on the upper plus immediate denture delivery and 2 implants on the lower and preparation of all lower teeth for a combination full mouth reconstruction.  The experience I have received at Engel Institute has been invaluable.”

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